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WOW-Day in Poland: "We did WOW-Day for the first time and it was awesome!"

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Worldwide solidarity with Waldorf institutions – that is the idea behind Waldorf-One-World, WOW-Day for short. For one day, committed people collect donations in many different ways and give the money to Waldorf facilities in need. For the first time, the Waldorf School in Warsaw, the Niepubliczna Szkoła Podstawowa im. Augusta Cieszkowskiego, has been participating in the worldwide campaign day – even though the school depends on support itself. For WOW-Day 2018, the school community decided to connect their fundraiser with the advent market, as WOW-Day coordinator Katarzyna Gutowska-Maślanka tells us:

“The charity advent market at the August Cieszkowski Waldorf School in Warsaw was a great opportunity to carry out a fundraiser as part of WOW-Day for the Waldorf initiative in Jardim to Cajuero in Barra Grande in Brazil. On that day, after the traditional celebrations of admission to Advent, there was a charity auction of hand-made items and gifts from individual donors, a DIY fair, a few different hand craft workshops, and a buffet prepared by parents with sweets, but also healthy and traditional dishes. The sale of these products was also supporting WOW-Day shares!

We did WOW-Day for the first time and it was awesome! We are very proud of our students and our entire school community that they have become so involved in helping their colleagues at the Waldorf School at the other part of the world! We also have financial problems as a school, but despite of we don’t have much with share with other people what we have. Next year, we will also be happy to join this wonderful and noble action!”

Did you know?
2019 will be WOW-Year. This means that you can hold your fundraising activities throughout the year, even several times. Together, we would like to celebrate that the foundation of the first Waldorf School in 1919 has turned into a worldwide movement. We would like to make a powerful start into the second century of Waldorf Schools and lay the foundation for another 100 years of Waldorf.