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WOW-Day in Hungary: "It was a beautiful day!"

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Worldwide solidarity with Waldorf education - this is the idea behind Waldorf One World Day, or WOW Day for short. On this day, people collect donations in various ways and forward the money to Waldorf institutions in need. In 2018, Napraforgó Waldorf Általános Iskola, Gimnázium és AMI in Debrecen, Hungary, took part in WOW-Day for the fifth time. Ferenc Tisch, staff member and WOW-Day coordinator at the school, tells us how the day went:

“This year's WOW-Day took place at our school on 19 October 2018. As in the previous years, we had programs and events that were initiated and carried out by the students of the classes 5-9.

The students chose the Shanti Sewa Griha Waldorf School in Nepal as the institution they would like to support with their donations and they set up a wonderful exhibition about Nepal. In addition, some students organized a teahouse and came up with exciting games for the younger children. It was a very nice day and we were very happy to be able to transfer an amount of 300 euros to the Waldorf School Nepal.”

The WOW -Year has started - participate now!

Some schools have already participated in WOW-Year with wonderful activities. Until December 2019 we invite all students, teachers and parents to become part of the worldwide campaign and to organize their own WOW-Day until the end of 2019.

More Info’s see www.waldorf-one-world.org