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WOW-Day in Germany: "We were greeted with cheers"

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On the occasion of the centenary, all Waldorf schools in Germany have a relay race. All participating schools are invited to include the sports event in their WOW-Year campaign and to collect donations for each distance covered to support Waldorf institutions worldwide. The starting signal was already sounded in June 2018. Many schools have already taken part along the three routes that stretch from north to south. They have walked, cycled, paddled and ridden. The relay race will end on September 19, 2019, when the three batons will come together again at the Waldorf 100 Festival in the Tempodrom in Berlin. The students of the Filstal Waldorf School in Göppingen already completed their race. Not only did they carry the baton forward, but they also collected donations to support Waldorf institutions worldwide. Kalina and Paul, students of the fifth grade, report on how the day went:

"We, the fifth grade, had agreed to take part in the relay. It is a charity run where each child looks for one or more sponsors. There are three projects that one can donate to. We have decided on the "ready to eat" option. Our donations enable children from poor countries who attend Waldorf Schools to have one warm meal a day. On Thursday, March 14, 2019 the children of the Waldorf School Kirchheim unter Teck came to us to hand over the wooden baton. We welcomed them by singing. Afterwards we took a group photo and finally we let the balloons rise on which we noted wishes for a better world. The balloons were kindly sponsored by the company amscan from Kirchheim, Teck. Since it was raining, not all balloons flew as expected. Afterwards there was a soup for the hungry children from Kirchheim. On Monday morning, 18 March at half past eight, we started with our handover. Everyone was wearing a yellow WOW-Year T-shirt. We cycled off in a good mood and had to cross two roads in total. Apart from that, the route went along the old railway road. We cycled down a steep mountain and had to walk a few hundred meters through the town of Schwäbisch Gmünd before we crossed one last street and reached our destination, the Waldorf School Schwäbisch Gmünd. They welcomed us warmly. Now there was something to eat. After some time, we headed back again without the baton. Towards the end it was a bit exhausting, but everyone did the 46 km and we were greeted with cheers. At the end we took a group picture with our bikes and everyone was proud, also of the donation of 2.000 € for a good cause".