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WOW-Day at the Hofschule Wendisch Evern: „Ready, steady, go!“

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Worldwide solidarity with Waldorf educational institutions – this is the idea behind Waldorf-One-World-Day, WOW-Day for short. On the designated date, people take action by collecting donations in many different ways and giving the money to Waldorf institutions in need. In 2018, the curative education school “Hofschule Wendisch Evern” near Lüneburg, Germany, participated in WOW-Day for the first time. Founding member and staff member Ms. Zipser tells us how the day went: On WOW-Day, which was held on October 17, 2018, our students and many staff members of the “Hofschule” organized a charity run. As beneficiaries, we chose the Michael School of Curative Education in Tbilisi, Georgia. We contacted the school in advance and were able to learn a lot about the work of and the challenges faced by this unique school.

Sports teacher Diana Stegmann developed the whole idea and organized the campaign day. With a lot of enthusiasm and commitment she prepared the run and inspired pupils and colleagues with her dedication. In order for our charity run to bring in money, all the students found one or more sponsors to support the participants with an amount of at least 2 € per lap completed. Alternatively, a lump sum could be paid regardless of the number of laps. Diana Stegmann also contacted many companies and organizations and thus mobilized many more donors and sponsors.
The running lap went once around the whole yard and had a length of 400 m. There was a children and students' run where the participants ran for 30 minutes and a youth and adult run of 45 minutes. A tent was set up at the start/finish line, where the lap statistics for each runner were taken and behind which refreshments were available. In addition, a band played music to motivate the runners and along the track, the kids cheered for each other.

In best weather the "little ones" started their run at 10.30 a.m. and sprinted around the farm with great enthusiasm. At 11.15 a.m., the teenagers and adults went to the start. It was really fun. Everyone ran at his own pace and in her own way. There were the runners who did their laps slowly and steadily and of course there were also the pros, who ran their laps with speed and endurance. Everybody just started going and noticed what fun it brings to run together. We were truly amazed at ourselves. The atmosphere was so lively and cheerful - it was a real party.
And we were also successful when it came to donations: we can forward 100% of more than € 4000 to Michael School. To all small, tall, fast, and slow runners a big praise and to all donors and sponsors a big thank you! And especially big thanks to Diana Stegmann for the great idea and all the effort! This was the first but certainly not the last fund-raising run at the “Hofschule”. “Ready, steady, go!“

Did you know?
2019 will be WOW-Year. This means that you can hold your fundraising activities throughout the year, even several times. Together, we would like to celebrate that the foundation of the first Waldorf School in 1919 has turned into a worldwide movement. We would like to make a powerful start into the second century of Waldorf Schools and lay the foundation for another 100 years of Waldorf.