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WOW-Day in Hungary: “Pupils were really motivated and enthusiastic”

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Worldwide solidarity with Waldorf educational institutions – this is the idea behind Waldorf-One-World-Day, WOW-Day for short. On the designated date, people take action by collecting donations in many different ways and give the money to Waldorf institutions in need. In 2018, the Kispest Waldorf School in Budapest, Hungary, participated in WOW-Day for the fourth time. A teacher, Éva Millei, tells us how the day went:

“On November the 23rd, we successfully organized and held our WOW-Day here at Kispest Waldorf School in Budapest. Thank you for suggesting us the Mbagathi School in Kenia as the aim of our donation. We introduced this school, their life and their difficulties to our students during English, or handwork lessons. They became pretty much aware of their needs.

Every group spent a few hours preparing, practicing music and so on. Class 3 made little paper bags, which they decorated with African motives. Class four cracked and roasted hazelnuts. These two classes met after that, and filled the bags with nuts together. Meanwhile class 7 and 8 started collecting songs, and practicing them with musical instruments. Students prepared food at home; then everything was ready for November the 23rd.

Finally our breakfast program lasted for three hours; there were many visitors, mostly parents. The roasted hazelnuts were sold within an hour. Pupils were really conscious and motivated, and enthusiastic. We hope we could give a little support with our positive thinking and efforts to the kids from Mbagathi School.”

Did you know?
2019 will be WOW-Year. This means that you can hold your fundraising activities throughout the year, even several times. Together, we would like to celebrate that the foundation of the first Waldorf School in 1919 has turned into a worldwide movement. We would like to make a powerful start into the second century of Waldorf Schools and lay the foundation for another 100 years of Waldorf.