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WOW-Day in Spain: “It has been a really nice day”

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Worldwide solidarity with Waldorf educational institutions – this is the idea behind Waldorf-One-World-Day, WOW-Day for short. On the designated date, people take action by collecting donations in many different ways and give the money to Waldorf institutions in need. In 2018, the Krisol Waldorf School in Premia de Dalt, Spain, participated in WOW-Day for the fifth time. Zina, a mother at the School, tells us how the day went:

On 7th of October we celebrated the Fiesta de Michael. This was our sixth year that we celebrated this festival and we prepared with a very nice program of activities: A teacher's story (a Michael’s story), the room has been super full of persons, we have done two artistic ateliers for families, and both were also very nice and full of people. As it is typical of our country and our families specialty we have celebrate with a very big Paella, lots of food and arts to sell between the families of Krisol, friends, and visitors. It has been really a nice day! We decided to send the Freunde der Erziehungskunst part of the earned money to help other families to access at Waldorf’s Schools around the world.