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Egypt, Hebet el-Nil Waldorf School: School gate and fruit trees providing shade

Even though school attendance is mandatory in Egypt, only about every third child goes to school. Especially in rural areas and in small towns, school means classes of 70 children, rote learning, and shouting answers in unison. Children who lag behind run the risk of being beaten. When the speech formation teacher and actress Nathalie Kux was in Luxor in 2015 on a cultural journey, she met a restaurant owner, who wanted something better for the children of his neighborhood, and she decided to do something about it. She built up a Kindergarten, from which emerged, just one year later, a school with a first grade. An educator and a teacher from Switzerland came to Luxor to give seminars on Waldorf education for the local teachers. In summer 2016, the kindergarten opened with 60 children, in fall 2017 a first school class started with 24 children. Now a first school building could be finished. A further construction phase is to begin in summer.

The WOW-Day donations are a great help for this still very young institution. On behalf of the entire school community, Nathalie Kux would like to thank the students all over the world for their commitment:

“It is a great miracle for us that you think of and stand up for us! It is a beautiful gift to feel that we have big brothers and sisters. Your donation enabled us to build a large blue school gate into the school wall. Recess is great right now, because we still have so much space to run and play on the entire construction site. But in March it gets very hot, usually between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius. The sun is burning and we urgently need trees. Your donation has made it possible for us to plant many different fruit trees: Mango, lemon, fig, orange, mandarin, gawafa, pomegranate, and in between always a ficus, because it grows very fast. Whereas at the end of January they were just sticks, now in April they are tree trunks with leaves - Trees grow so quickly here! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the shade you are providing us with your support!”

The WOW -Year has started - participate now!

Some schools have already participated in WOW-Year with wonderful activities. Until December 2019 we invite all students, teachers and parents to become part of the worldwide campaign and to organize their own WOW-Day until the end of 2019.

More Info’s see www.waldorf-one-world.org


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