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Nepal, Shanti Sewa Griha Waldorf School: Two earthquake-resistant classrooms

The „Leprahilfe Shanti Sewa Griha“ was founded in 1992 by Marianne Großpietsch. Over the years, it grew to encompass a clinic, a hospice, a soup kitchen, a well for drinking water, various workshops as well as a Waldorf-oriented school, kindergarten, and orphanage, which where completely destroyed by the severe earthquake of 2014. With combined efforts and much help from our donors, we were able to get the community through the following monsoon and set up some temporary classrooms in the clinic.

A long search for new rooms for the Waldorf School began. Founder Marianne Grosspietsch describes why it took so long and where exactly the WOW-Day donations are helping:

“The students in Nepal send you a huge thank you. You have achieved something very special with your money: you co-financed two new classrooms on the roof of the Shanti leprosy relief workshop building. They replace the rooms that fell in ruins in the great earthquake on April 25, 2015. Why has it taken so long for construction to get underway, you will certainly ask. Unfortunately, we were only able to obtain the building permit after a long, long wait, after numerous enquiries to the authorities. It was very frustrating.

But yesterday the concrete ceiling was poured. Finally I can tell you how helpful your donation to Shanti is. You have made sure that we can build in an earthquake-proof way. Because you can certainly imagine how scared we are of another great earthquake. We have bought strong reinforcing irons with your donation and mixed the concrete with a lot of cement.

The Shanti School is attended by children of leprosy patients and very poor people, who have no money to send their children to school. School in Nepal usually costs a lot. The solidarity of fellow human beings like you makes it possible for the children of poor people to attend Shanti School, get food and have a bed. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If you like, I would like to visit your school and tell you about life in Nepal.”

The WOW -Year has started - participate now!

Some schools have already participated in WOW-Year with wonderful activities. Until December 2019 we invite all students, teachers and parents to become part of the worldwide campaign and to organize their own WOW-Day until the end of 2019.

More Info’s see www.waldorf-one-world.org