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+++ 19.01.2018 +++

Expanding the workshops at Yerevan’s social therapy day care center


The population of Armenia has fallen to just a little over three million inhabitants. Those who can manage somehow leave the land-locked country in the Caucasus Mountains, because the prospects to make a sufficient income are not good. For people with special needs, the situation is far more difficult. [...] more

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+++ 21.07.2017 +++

Designing the Future Together

Since 2012, emergency pedagogy has been active in Kenya, or rather in one of the largest refugee camps in the world: Kakuma. The project was handed over to local colleagues in 2014 and has been running since then under their own responsibilty. The famine, but also the fear of violence or to be recruited [...] more

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+++ 19.06.2017 +++

At the right place, at the right time

In Great Britian the situation, politically and socially, is exceptional. In the past months, the country has been shaken by multiple attacks. It all began in March with the so-called Westminster-Attack. Many deaths and around 300 injuried were the sad numbers from that day. Now a high-rise fire has added [...] more

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+++ 13.03.2017 +++

Emergency Pedagogy Annual Conference in Karlsruhe

War, Ruins, & Traumata EMERGENCY PEDAGOGY – MORE THAN METHODSIn 2017 the emergency pedagogy annual conference will once again take place in Karlsruhe. From June 9th till 11th of this year, we will focus on the topic of “man made disasters”.Wars, violence, and natural disasters threaten many—but especially [...] more

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+++ 09.06.2017 +++

Emergency Pedagogy in Africa

FIGHTING AGAINST HUNGER IN AFRICA TOGETHER The coalition Aktion Deutschland Hilft called for an action day against hunger in Africa on June 9th, 2017. As a member organisation, we have also used this action day to once again bring attention to the impending disaster and have made a film:VIDEO "Aid for [...] more

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+++ 20.02.2017 +++

Aid for traumatised children in Nepal

Although one can now barely see the physical damages of the devastating earthquake, which struck Nepal in 2015, many children are just as before heavily traumatised. Helping these children is a priority of the upcoming mission. From February 18th to March 4th, a team consisting of 9 experienced pedagogues [...] more

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+++ 23.01.2017 +++

Trauma Pedagogy in Northern Iraq


2016 saw the expansion of our long-term project in Northern Iraq in cooperation with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). From January 20th to February 3rd, a team from emergency pedagogy will once again travel to the region of Dohuk. Pedagogues are now trauma-pedagogically active in [...] more

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+++ 16.01.2017 +++

Italy: Seminar for Earthquake Aid Workers

In the past year, Italy was shaken by multiple, strong earthquakes. There is still enough energy in the rock, so that more are predicted to follow.Because the region could be evacuated in time in October, there were luckily no deaths due to this earthquake. But most of the residents lost their homes and [...] more

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+++ 14.12.2016 +++

Closing in Tacloban and a Chance for Peace in Cotabato

On December 3rd, 2016 a team from the emergency pedagogy department travelled to the Philippines to visit the project there for the sixth time. This mission will be the last one in Tacloban and represents the conclusion of the project, which began after the devastating typhoon Haiyan. Meanwhile, there are [...] more

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+++ 28.10.2016 +++

Emergency Pedagogy in Northern Iraq - 11th Mission

On Friday, November 4th, 2016 another mission team from the Friends of Waldorf Education set off.This is the eleventh time the emergency pedagogues are traveling to Northern Iraq, to further train local colleagues and to support children and adolescents.For two weeks, they will help affected persons to [...] more

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+++ 21.10.2016 +++

For the 10th time in the Gaza Strip

A team from the emergency pedagogy department will travel to Gaza on Sunday for a crisis intervention. The aid workers were already in the crisis struck region for multiple missions, this is the tenth.For many years now, the conflicts in the Gaza-Strip have rarely calmed down; the residents are subject to [...] more

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+++ 11.10.2016 +++

Emergency Pedagogy Crisis Intervention in Haiti

After the severe hurricane "Matthew", the Friends of Waldorf Education are planing an emergency pedagogy crisis intervention in Haiti for the end of October. The intervention should help traumatised children and adolescents in processing their experiences of the catastrophe. continue  [...] more

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+++ 07.10.2016 +++

Continuing Education Courses in South America

In October and November Bernd Ruf will once again travel to South America to offer more continuing education courses. First he will stop in Columbia and Brazil from October 7th to 17th. In November five days in Chile follow. more more

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+++ 13.11.2015 +++

Emergency Pedagogy: Continuing Education Courses in Germany

Multiple continuing education courses with a focus on emergency education are planned for winter 2015 through Germany. The emphasis will be on the work with traumatised refugee children. Kassel: Pedagogical Day "Flight-Trauma-School" Date: December 2nd, 2015 , 2:30pmLocation: Greet Hall Free Waldorf [...] more

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+++ 19.10.2015 +++

Dramatic Situation - Emergency Pedagogy in Greece

Speaking by telephone on Tuesday, Bernd Ruf, managing director of the Friends of Waldorf Education and founder of Emergency Pedagogy, depicted the situation on the ground is close to unimaginable and much worse than expected. Over 100 boats arrive daily with people tightly packed on board, who have their [...] more

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+++ 25.09.2015 +++

Psycho-social Aid for Refugees—Emergency Pedagogy helps!

New refugees arrive daily in Germany, especially from Syria and Iraq. Many have experienced awful situations in their home countries as well as during their flight to Germany. These terrible experiences leave behind deep emotional wounds especially in children. Emergency pedagogy of the Friends of Waldorf [...] more

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+++ 22.09.2015 +++

Continuing Education: Flight-Trauma-School

The number of unaccompanied underage refugees in Germany who need to be cared for has risen dramatically and rapidly. Many have experienced heavily traumatising events which must be taken into account while caring for them. This seminar is aimed at helpers, teachers, and preschool teachers who are [...] more

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+++ 19.09.2015 +++

Bernd Ruf honoured with the European Dialogue Silver Award

For 3 years, the European Dialogue Silver Award has been awarded in Karlsruhe to prominent personalities who connect Karlsruhe with the world. The prize is endowed by Tom Høyen, city councilman in the municipal council of Karlsruhe and retired director of the European School. In his laudation, Tom Høyen [...] more

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+++ 17.08.2015 +++

Blog: Emergency Pedagogy in Northern Iraq

Since April, the emergency pedagogy department of the Friends of Waldorf Education, in cooperation with UNICEF, has recruited nine local pedagogues to help traumatised children in the refugee camps long term. They have also set-up an office. Intern Robert Murata is supporting the team in northern Iraq [...] more

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+++ 16.06.2015 +++

Northern Iraq: Childhood in a refugee camp

The Friends of Waldorf Education in cooperation with UNICEF were able to install nine local pedagogues and set up a local office in northern Iraq. A volunteer German team was on site from the 29th of May until the 12th of June to train the local team. The emergency pedagogical team was made up of [...] more

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