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Education needs nourishment: Waldorf Kindergarten in Hawzen, Ethiopia

In the context of our main topic “school meals”, we introduce you to a school that urgently needs support in order to be able to offer its students a good and nutritious meal during the school day.

The Waldorf Kindergarten in the small town of Hawzen in northern Ethiopia was founded in 2006, followed by a school in 2014. The parents are only able to pay symbolic fees to the school and the kindergarten. The school’s founder Atsbaha Gebre-Selassie and his colleagues are almost entirely dependent on donations. One of the initiators of the school, who has also accompanied it throughout its existence, is Magdalena Bächtle, former student at the Waldorfschule Chiemgau. In an e-mail interview with the Friends of Waldorf Education, she told us about the current school meal situation and what wishes she has for the future.

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