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Drought in South Africa – Water tanks thanks to WOW-Day donations

With their commitment on the global campaign day "WOW-Day", Waldorf students supported two Waldorf institutions in South Africa alone: the Zenzeleni Waldorf School and the Centre for Creative Education in Cape Town.

The South African megacity has not had enough rain for three winters. Then, last fall, people could no longer drink the tap water because it was the lowest water in the dams. "Despite boiling the water, half Cape Town suffered from gastro-intestinal complaints,” says Johanna Oltmanns, a staff member at the Center for Creative Education. The population is worried that the day will come when there will be no more tap water at all. They have been preparing for this day for some time. The school, too, is trying to prepare in many different ways, so they can remain open even if the worst case really occurs. These preparations include, in particular, installing toilets that run without water. Furthermore, they need dry hand cleaners and containers for collecting rainwater.

Thanks to WOW-Day donations both institutions were able to purchase big water tanks. The small amounts of rainwater one gets can be collected in these containers, so that the water can be used for flushing toilets, for example. "Especially in times like these, it is nice to see so many people working to help us", says Oltmanns, "we would like to thank everyone for their incredible commitment".

The Centre for Creative Education is a training center for kindergarten teachers who then work in township kindergartens in Cape Town. The dire conditions here are caused not only by poverty, but also by overcrowded kindergartens and a lack of staff. There are simply not enough spots for all children. More teachers are urgently needed, who will be trained for this work at the Centre for Creative Education.

Zenzeleni Waldorf School is located in Khayelitsha, the largest township in Cape Town. The institution was established in 1999 thanks to the initiative of a few parents and with the support of the Centre for Creative Education. Today the school has seven classes and a kindergarten and provides a warm place for 280 children to learn and grow up.

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