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WOW-Day in Bochum: “WOW, what a day!“

On the big campaign day of all Waldorf schools worldwide, “Waldorf One World Day”, or WOW-Day for short, students from grade one to thirteen take action for a better world by coming up with a special idea to raise money. They donate the money they raised to projects for children and adolescents in need. But how do they actually make money? Here is what Magali Koßmannn (pictured), 7th grade student at the Bochum Rudolf Steiner Schule, told us.

“With two of my friends, I had been thinking about a good fundraising campaign for a long time, until we came up with the idea to set up a stall in Witten. The neighbor of one of my friends helped us get an official permission. So we started right away to make the things we wanted to sell at the stand, such as bags made from old pants, table pouches made from pants legs, figurines made of acorns, spinning tops, little lavender bags filled with lavender from a friend’s garden, and muffins. This was a lot of work and was very time-consuming. All in all, we crafted for more than ten hours. Often we split the work. For example, a friend did the cutting for the bags and pouches, while another one sewed, and I sewed on the handles. This was not easy. And finally, it was the day of the sale. We met up with some other children from our class who had a stall right next to ours. At first we got the tables and benches from a storage room and carried them to the place where we wanted to sell our things. Then, we set up and waited for customers. Of course our teachers also visited us. They came at the very beginning when we where about to place our handcrafted work on the table. Of course they bought something, a pouch for our classroom. It is now on the teacher’s desk and holds the crayons. But when our teachers left to go to some of our fellow students, things were empty at first. People just passed by, or gave a quick glance, but then kept walking. But finally, some people came and bought something. To win even more customers, we always had a smile and also greeted some of the passers-by with a friendly “hello”. For the people who did not want to buy anything but still wished to donate, we put a coin bank on the table. It filled up well, and our cash register also filled up gradually. Although the bags, pouches, and acorn figurines did not sell that well, our customers happily bought the lavender bags and the muffins. No wonder; the lavender did come from a friend’s garden! I wouldn’t have thought that we would make so much money in the end. At the end of the day we made € 52,80. My classmates also made a lot of money. They, too, had good ideas, for example working at a hairdresser’s or on a construction site, helping a dentist at a preschool, or mucking out stables at a farm and bringing the horses to the pasture, and many other great campaigns.

During that same week, our class chose the facilities we wanted to donate the money to. WOW-Day was a lot of fun, and I would like to participate again next year, since it was fun to help people in this world who are not as well off as I am. Next year, if we participate in WOW-Day again, I would want to help out at a preschool.

Take part now! The time frame for this year’s WOW Day is from 29 September to 29 November. We invite all people in curative educational and social therapeutic institutions, as well as all students at Waldorf Schools to be a part of this worldwide campaign and to organize their own WOW Day this year. 100 percent of the proceeds will be forwarded to Waldorf and social projects. You can find all the information you need here.

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