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Sponsor a whole school with small regular amounts

The Mother School of East Africa - the Rudolf Steiner School Mbagathi - has from the beginning in 1989 taken on this huge mission of teaching and caring for very poor children coming from underprivileged homes in Kenya such as slums. This is a demanding, long-term commitment requiring the school to secure the financial basis for survival year after year.

We want the children to grow up as equal and free human beings. We desire to remove the burden from children of knowing about school fees and who pays them and the whole global economic situation. Therefore we go forward with a new way of sponsoring where you as a sponsor do not sponsor an individual child but support the whole school. Your monthly sponsor amount will go 100% to school fees. You will be updated of the whole school development through our newsletters.

Each of the 325 children has their touching story but we give one child’s picture here. One day a young boy found his own way to the school office and knocked on the door. While sitting swinging his short legs from an office chair, he expressed a wish that he and his little sister could join the school. Through desperation he had the courage to come even though he knew very well his parents could not pay. Some days later he was enrolled in the school. The condition at home was poor and the iron sheet house lacked electricity and drinking water. During the rainy season flooding occurred in their single room, so they had to place stones on the floor to stand on. Their mother died and later their father also died; the school was their home and still remains their home today. This was only possible through faithful sponsors sending their monthly contributions.

When Kenyans want things to happen, they organize a ‘Harambee’ which means ‘pulling together’. This is a deeply rooted social way of supporting a community in the culture of Africa and can move mountains. This is also the foundation of the whole school with networks stretching to many other parts of the world - Australia, Europe and USA. You can be a part of this community and be a whole school sponsor. Our guiding amount for sponsoring a whole school is £30 per month though every monthly donation is welcome. The £30 covers half of the school fee for a child which includes a daily hot meal.

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