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Moving El Til·ler Waldorf School in Bellaterra

The El Til·ler Waldorf School in Bellaterra near Barcelona is growing steadily and started establishing a high school two years ago. But, unfortunately, their premises were not suited for running a high school. To gain permission for a high school, they would have needed all rooms available beforehand; however, a building permit for these rooms on the old plot did not exist. At first, they bought mobile houses, which they can now relocate to the new premises they finally found, which are close to the old site. The school can now confidently continue to grow and is now the only Waldorf School in Catalonia that offers continuous schooling from preschool to the upper grades. The moving and parts of the new construction are well under way. Every year, far more students apply for the school than can be admitted – now at least a part of this demand can be covered. The parents are bearing the financial burden of the move. But they receive support from donors from Germany through the Friends of Waldorf Education – for example from donations we received following a call for donations in summer 2013.

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