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WOW-Day in Switzerland: “Everyone did their best”

Worldwide solidarity with Waldorf institutions – that is the idea behind Waldorf One World, WOW-Day for short. For one day, committed people collect donations in many different ways and give the money to Waldorf facilities in need. The Waldorf School Solothurn is taking part in WOW-Day for the fourth time already. The school organized a sponsored run, WOW-Day coordinator Peter Keim tells is: "On the last sunny and warm Friday in early November we had perfect conditions for our sponsored run for the benefit of the Educare Kindergartens in Cape Town. A small gathering of spectators, including a large group of our kindergarteners, some adults, and a few highschoolers, were cheering for our runners to achieve top performances. The gentlemen from the seventh grade marked out the approximately 450 meters of the run. At the start and finish lines there was water and nibble sticks to snack on. Be they small or tall, skinny or sturdy, everyone did their best all the way to the end of this almost 40-minute run.

The donations will support the work of the Educare Kindergartens in Cape Town, South Africa. The almost 40 kindergartens are located in the townships of the South African megacity. Since 1994, these facilities are run by women who themselves were born and raised in the townships. The Mamas – as they are called – take care of the children of the many people who have to leave their huts early in the morning and come back late at night because they are working or are looking for work. In this manner, they help children get off the streets by offering a safe place for play, far from drugs, crime, and prostitution.

Take part now! The time frame for this year’s WOW Day is from 29 September to 29 November. We invite all people in curative educational and social therapeutic institutions, as well as all students at Waldorf Schools to be a part of this worldwide campaign and to organize their own WOW Day this year. 100 percent of the proceeds will be forwarded to Waldorf and social projects. You can find all the information you need here.

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