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"Waldorf Worldwide": check out the latest issue of our newsletter

From now on, our newsletter will be published under the title " Waldorf Worldwide”. You will be able to explore all those things you are used to, that is to say, news from Waldorf Schools, Kindergartens, training centers, curative educational, and social therapeutic institutions around the globe. In this issue we would like to focus on a special topic: food.

Far too often, we underestimate the importance of a nourishing diet during school time, as well as the challenges running a school cafeteria brings with it. In most families around the globe, both parents are at work during the day and thus need to rely on all-day care offers, which also have to feed the children.

As you can read in "Waldorf worldwide", some parents are hardly able to feed their families because of a low income. But, of course, there is more to school lunch than just being filling. To be able to learn well, children need a sensible, thought-out diet: education needs nourishment. You can find a PDF of “Waldorf Worldwide” in Englisch, German and Spanish.

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