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San José, Costa Rica: New Kindergarten as foundation for a Waldorf school

„Katú“ means firefly or meeting place in Bribri, language of an indigenous people of Costa Rica. A fitting name for the Waldorf initiative that began to take shape in January with the foundation of a kindergarten. The kindergarten is one of the first Waldorf Kindergartens in Costa Rica and the first one in the capital of San José. After four years of preparation time, it has emerged through the initiative of parents, kindergarten teachers, and schoolteachers from the extra-occupational teacher-training seminar in San José.

This kindergarten is supposed to lead to a Waldorf school. In Central America, founding Waldorf schools is particularly difficult.  There are hardly any possibilities to train Waldorf teachers. Aspiring teacher have to travel long distances to their training, for example to take part in the workshops of the San José training center that was build especially for this purpose. Costa Rica is one of the most progressive countries in Central America, as witnessed by the fact that already in 1948 the army was abolished for the benefit of education and health programs. The government is open-minded towards Waldorf education. Nevertheless, independent schools and kindergartens receive no state funding.

The school, which is still in its founding phase, has to finance itself, too. And depends, in particular in the beginning, on donations.

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