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Accompanying two schools in Quito, Ecuador

About one year ago two experienced Waldorf teachers from Israel asked how they could help outside of Israel. This question reached us when I, together with Andreas Schubert, had just come back from a visit to Quito’s Waldorf initiatives. We quickly established a connection between these encounters, which had actually come about independently of each other. By now, Shira and Roey have already spent half a year in Ecuador, accompanying the two initiatives el Puente de Steiner and Nina Pacha. In both initiatives, the founders and the teachers would like to establish Waldorf schools, but have no opportunities for teacher training. Though occasionally a teacher goes either to Mexico or Peru, there is no training  +in this country, especially not on a regular basis. Few teachers have ever seen a Waldorf School from the inside and few teachers have had artistic training. This is why there is a lot to do, to learn, to develop, to practice. It is a great pleasure that the cooperation with the two Israeli colleagues is working so well. This is another example for the consolidation of the international Waldorf movement.

Nana Göbel

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