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The curative education school Talisman in Irkuktsk is under construction

Only after the end of the Soviet Union were parents of disabled children allowed to freely choose a healthy care facility. Some mothers in Irkutsk decided to no longer give their children away and founded a new school for them instead. Anthroposophic remedial teachers supported them in this project. They succeeded in obtaining an old frame house.  Now, after 25 years the old building has become increasingly dilapidated and also too small. They decided to renew their curative education school by demolishing the old house and constructing a new one. For all these years we, the Friends of Waldorf education, have been on good terms with this facility and have supported the construction with € 40.000, almost half of the required means. Every other month we receive pictures showing the construction progress – a joyful development for the entire school community.

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