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WOW-Day in Hungary

WOW-Day in Hungary

The Waldorf One World-Day, WOW-Day for short, is one day a year on which people all over the world campaign in order to give children from disadvantaged families a sheltering community or simply a warm meal. In this manner, fundraising events take place on all continents. For the 10th time already, the Hungarian Waldorf School in Vàc took part in the worldwide day of action. For this reason, students and teachers from 6th to 8th grade gathered one Saturday morning on the market square of the city. Equipped with self-made shields and wooden swords, the sixth-graders marched across the square and thus attracted many curious onlookers for the subsequent singing by all three classes. In addition, individual students showed street acrobatics and sold self-made postcards or self-baked treats. Soon, the first donations could be collected, and there was a lively exchange between viewers, students, and teachers in the middle of the market square. The organizers raised a total of 50.000 Forint, about 160 Euros, on this day. The donations help Waldorf facilities to admit children from poorer families and to give them a warmhearted place to learn.

Some schools have already started their WOW-Day campaigns. We invite all students, teachers and parents to become part of the worldwide campaign by organizing their own WOW-Day, starting this year. You will find all the information you need at:

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