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Educational sponsorships for the small Waldorf school in Darbari

In the north-west of India, in the middle of the Tahar desert in the state of Rajasthan, lies the small village of Darbari. This is where the Bhil people live, one of the largest of the approximately 420 indigenous tribes of India. Many of their children live in extreme poverty, are under-nourished and start working very early. In rural areas such as this, there is a high rate of illiteracy, especially in the Dalit, Pariah or Untouchable groups, people who belong to a low caste or no caste at all. The Bhil people are often equated with those groups. Although the caste system was officially abolished by the government in the middle of the last century, it continues to dominate social life in many places.

A small Waldorf school was established to give a future prospect to the children of the Bhil people who are living in Darbari. Jaques Monteaux, who has been working as a Waldorf teacher for many decades and has been active in teacher training in France, is responsible for the establishment of the initiative since 2014. Development was so far advanced in January of this year that the laying of the foundation stone was celebrated with local politicians and tribal representatives. Even Class 11 of the Waldorf school in Avignon had travelled all the way from France to help diligently with the construction process. One of the teachers later reported: "The children are so happy to be able to learn here, I have never seen such great attentiveness."

To support the project and to allow more children to attend the school, the initiative was included in the educational sponsorship program of the Friends of the Waldorf Education. This enables the children to attend the school and support the initiative. The children can learn here, can experience healthy human interaction in a protective environment and receive fresh meals.

Would you like to enable a child to attend the Waldorf initiative in Darbari?

We would be happy to welcome you in our sponsorship program.

Since every sponsorship has an individualistic quality and each educational sponsor brings different ideas to the table, I am looking forward to a short personal conversation:

Fabian Michel
Ph + 49 (0) 30 617026 30

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