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Module Further Training

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Current information - Corona crisis - Seminars postponed

The dates of the module training in spring and summer will be postponed. We will keep you informed about the developments and the new dates.

The module further training in Emergency Pedagogy offers the possibility of further training and qualification in the field of Emergency Pedagogy. This includes basic training for crisis operations, such as security training and courses in first aid. In addition, various emergency and trauma pedagogical contents are taught which are important for our work.All courses are led by qualified personnel. In addition to our own experts, such as Bernd Ruf and other experienced emergency pedagogues, these also include external specialists.The modules can be attended independently of each other. However, it makes sense to start with Module 1 or to attend it in any case. The curriculum of the national and international modules is the same, so that modules abroad can also be attended without any problems. Each participation is certified, the participation of all modules qualifies as an "Emergency Pedagogue ".

Participation fee: The cost for the weekends is 250€.
Minimum number of participants: The course takes place from 10 participants.


Dates do not take place until further notice

Training modules 2019 / 2020

Please note that only the seminars in Germany are held in German. Abroad it is to be assumed that they will be held in the respective national language.

Training dates in Germany:


Further Training in Karlsruhe: Module 4
Venue: Parzivalzentrum Karlsruhe, Parzivalstr. 2b, 76139 Karlsruhe

Further Training Stuttgart: Module 1 und 2
Venue: Freie Hochschule Suttgart, Haußmannstraße 44, 70188 Stuttgart

Further Training Karlsruhe: Module 9
Venue: Parzivalzentrum Karlsruhe, Parzivalstr. 2b, 76139 Karlsruhe

Further Training in Karlsruhe: Module 5
Venue: Parzivalzentrum Karlsruhe, Parzivalstr. 2b, 76139 Karlsruhe

Further Training Stuttgart:: Module 3 und 11
Venue: Freie Hochschule Suttgart, Haußmannstraße 44, 70188 Stuttgart

Subject to change

Register here
Contact and Registration: notfallpaedagogik[at]freunde-waldorf.de

International training dates:


Further Training in Madrid: Module 1

Further Training in Madrid: Module 2

Contact/registration for seminars in Spain:
Diana Tessari: espana@pedagogiadeemergencia.com



Further Training in Mexiko: Module 1

Further Training in Mexiko: Module 2

Further Training in Portugal: Module 1

Contact for seminars in South America & Portugal:

Argentina: Lía Tummer, pedagogiademergencia[at]gmail.com
Brasil: Reinaldo Nascimento, r.nascimento[at]freunde-waldorf.de
Chile: Marcela Gomez, marcetox[at]hotmail.com
Peru: Mario Castro, pedagogíaemergencialima[at]gmail.com
Mexico: Pascuala Jara, pjara[at]pedagogiadeemergencia.org.mx

Portugal: Sérgio Gato, pedagogiaemergencia.portugal[at]gmail.com



Directions to Parzival-Centrum

Directions in PDF form

Route by Google Maps

Module overview

Training Concept Emergency/Trauma-Pedagogy

Module 1: Psychotraumatology I
Introduction to Psychotraumatolgy

Module 2: Psychotraumatology II
Psychotraumatology in childhood and adolescence

Module 3: Psychotraumatology III
Trauma and Spirituality

Module 4: Emergency Pedagogy I
Emergency Pedagogy as part of the educational sciences

Module 5: Emergency Pedagogy II
Emergency Pedagogical phase model I: Emergency Pedagogy in acute interventions

Module 6: Emergency Pedagogy III
Emergency Pedagogical phase model II: Early interventions, trauma -oriented special needs and intensive education

Module 7: Emergency Pedagogy IV
Emergency Pedagogy in major damage situations

Module 8: Interventions I
International Interventions: organization and coordination

Module 9: Interventions II
Safety aspects and safety training

Module 10: Interventions III
(Emergency) first aid medical care

Module 11: Mental Hygiene
Dealing with stress

Module 12: Reflection/Supervision/Certification

Further information on the events can be found at: notfallpaedagogik[at]freunde-waldorf.de

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