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Seminars and Events

The Friends of Waldorf Education regularly hold worldwide continuing education courses and seminars on the subject of emergency pedagogy. The annual conference in Karlsruhe, Germany brings together experts in the fields of psychotraumatology, therapy, and pedagogy.

Flexible further training - nationally and internationally

Advanced training modules on psychotraumatology and emergency pedagogy as well as basic training in safety and first aid and more. The nationally and internationally offered modules can be attended as an extension or independently of each other. Each module is certified, collected the certificates result in a final diploma. Further information Further information

The annual conference invites pedagogues, therapists and interested persons to Karlsruhe under a specific, alternating title. In lectures by recognized experts and practical workshops, the emergency and trauma pedagogical questions are investigated. Weitere Informationen

01.-03.06.2018 „Teufelskreis Trauma – Wie Notfallpädagogik transgenerationale Traumata überwinden hilft“

What does a disaster or war do to the psyche of children and young people and how can we help them? In lectures worldwide Bernd Ruf and other experts talk about trauma and emergency pedagogy. They report on our operations and point out possible courses of action.

An overview of upcoming public lectures can be found here.

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Freies Internationales Institut für Notfall- und Traumapädagogik (IINTP)

In cooperation with the Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners e.V., the Freie Hochschule Stuttgart and the Medical Section in Dornach, the IINTP offers in-service and certified further training in Emergency and Trauma Pedagogy. Further information




  • +++ 13.03.2017 +++

    Aid in London

    The people in London are shocked and traumatised from the attacks of the past months and the high-rise fire, the building is now just a black memorial. In June two missions or seminars will take place on location in order to support affected persons. continue.

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