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Lebanon 2006/07

In 2006 the Lebanon War, lasting from July 12th to August 14th, caused challenging months for the Friends of Waldorf Education: On the one hand, the “Friends” had to evacuate three adolescents out of Lebanon, who were completing a voluntary service there at the time of the war’s outbreak. In addition, 15 adolescents with mental disabilities had to be returned to Lebanon at theirs, and their parents’ request.

These events lead to the development of emergency pedagogy’s concept. Here you can read more about the history and concept of emergency pedagogy.

The first acute mission took place from October 28th to November 18th, 2006. An eight-person team travelled to Beirut in Lebanon to support children and adolescents in the processing of their terrible war experience. Here you can read a report by the mission leader.

At the invitation of UNESCO, who learned about the work of the Friends during their mission in Lebanon in 2006, a second mission in Lebanon took place in April 2007. In the region of Baalbek, the Friends worked at various schools. Here you can find a complete report about this mission.

Building on contacts from the pervious mission, Waldorf pre-school teacher Susanne Merzenich travelled once again to Lebanon in November 2007. With puppet plays she brought a lot of joy into schools, to both teachers and pupils. Read the report.


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    Aid in London

    The people in London are shocked and traumatised from the attacks of the past months and the high-rise fire, the building is now just a black memorial. In June two missions or seminars will take place on location in order to support affected persons. continue.

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