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Your donation can help establish emergency education where it is needed.

The Friends of Waldorf Education have been working in humanitarian aid for over 15 years, carrying out Emergency Pedagogyal missions in war and crisis areas. These serve the psychosocial stabilisation of those affected, who are supported in processing traumatising experiences and integrating them into their own biographies. By stimulating self-healing powers, trauma sequelae can be mitigated, or averted altogether. Emergency Pedagogy uses methods based on Waldorf education and related forms of therapy.

A central element of Emergency Pedagogy is the training of emergency educators in the affected crisis areas, who are trained in the theory of traumatology, and practically in Emergency Pedagogy methods. In the spirit of sustainability, this avoids the need for aid workers from Germany to fly to the crisis region in the event of another disaster. In addition, local emergency educators can better support children and young people in being able to process their experiences in their own language, and with an awareness of their own cultural background.

The development of the training courses and the ongoing support of the teams is very time-consuming and expensive. It is handled solely by the Emergency Pedagogy Department of the Karlsruhe Office of the Friends of Waldorf Education. In order to be able to put the competent and professional work of the Karlsruhe Emergency Pedagogues on a secure footing, we are dependent on financial support. Donations with the purpose “Emergency Pedagogy” can be used to finance the Karlsruhe emergency educators.

The training of regional emergency educators takes place worldwide and has become an important foundation of Emergency Pedagogy. On the following pages we will show you two examples of how important and fruitful the training of emergency educators is worldwide.

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