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We are looking forward for your donation!

PayPal - a simple way for paying for all purposes (Online shops, travel booking, e-bay etc.) - of course also for a donation to Friends of Waldorf Education! Please note that PayPal takes some fees (0,35€ and 1,9% of the donation amount, e.g. for 50€ the fees are in total 1,30€).

Please follow those simple steps (If you don´t have a PayPal account yet , you can register now):

1. Donate: Click on the Donate button "Spenden" (at the end of this text).
2. Amount: Enter your donation amount (in Euro) and click on "Update Total".
3. Log in: Now log into PayPal (Email + password).
4. Purpose: Click on "Purpose of donation" (under "Freunde der Erziehungskunst") and write the name of project you want to contribute to.
5. Send donation:
Click now at the end on the button "Jetzt ... € spenden" - finished! Your donation will be confirmed immediately.

Click here to make a donation:

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Children need nutritious food and when they do not get it at home many schools provide their students with school meals.  But they need our help ...

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