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Mail Correspondence

Many sponsored classes and children and their sponsors maintain an intensive mail or e-mail contact and as a result often a wonderful friendship develops. Here are some examples...

Dear Class 8,

thank you for your letter, photos and support. We enjoyed reading your letter and learning about your environment.

We are 29 children in our class and have a big and beautiful school, surrounded by different kind of wild plants. We learn English, Ichosa and Afrikaans. We do handwork, painting, music and eurythmy.

Hermanus is a big town, with beautiful mountains and the sea. From July the whales come to visit our town.

It is autumn now. It is getting quite cold in the morning and evenings. This is also the start of rain and wind.

With best wishes, Friends of class 5


Dear Sponsor,

Thank you so much for your generous donation to our school. We appreciate that you are supporting a dignified and respectful education for indigenous children.

Urpillay Sonqollay! - Thank you so much, from all of us here at Kusi Kawsay School

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We look forward to working with you to further develop these Waldorf Schools for children from rural Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Egypt ...

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Fabian Michel
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