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Mail Correspondence

Many sponsored classes and children and their sponsors maintain an intensive mail or e-mail contact and as a result often a wonderful friendship develops. Here are some examples...

Dear godparent,

I would like to thank you for everything. I have school and I am so happy at school. I am doing good and improving my reading. You have done a lot for me especially with my fees. I have gained wisdom and experience from teachers who had taught me. I owe it to you that I’m so matured and experienced. Thank you and send regards to your family.

from Elizabeth, McGregor Waldorf School/South Africa


Godchild Hope sent the beautiful picture on the right side to her sponsors in Germany. Hope (6) attends the first grade at Hekima Waldorf School/Tanzania.

The school writes: “The teachers are impressed by her good results, because we must never forget that Hope is an orphan and she gets very little support at home.”

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