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South Africa, Hermanus Waldorf School

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The second class of the Hermanus Waldorf School is a mixed and agile class of eight boys and fourteen girls. Most of them have been at the Hermanus Waldorfscholl since Kindergarten. Some of the childrens in class are strong individuals and the whole class is very creative. Their favourite subject is mathematics. They also enjoy art a lot. During break time the children love to play together in a group. Although the children come from different backgrounds (and even different countries) they join in and work very well together as a class.


Philippines, Iloilo, Gamot Cogon Waldorf School

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Mrs. Grace and Mrs. Alpha welcome their second class every morning with songs and verse recitation. The children engage with powerful voices - already familiar with the recurring rituals. They also like to listen to stories from which they draw pictures. Amongst each other the second graders like to share many stories as well. Then the noise level sometimes rises slightly. With her good-natured personality, patience, perseverance and love the class teacher then brings the class back into their established rhythm. At the end of the school day the children sing and recite once again before they say goodbye until the next day.

Hungary, Ujpest Regional Waldorf School in Budapest

Class 10 - Become a sponsor now!

Class 10 of the Regional Waldorf School is part of an exciting and unique new school project in Hungary. As the students begin their time at the school in ninth grade, the initial focus is on creating a community. To facilitate this process, the students went on an introductory trip with overnight stay, undertook day trips, visited concerts and completed the agricultural internship. The interests of the students are very mixed, ranging from the natural sciences, to literature and music. A concert was organized by the students, for example, where many of them showcased their talents and skills. In addition, a choir was established, which has already performed outside of school. Not only the students work together, but their parents are also very active in ensuring that everybody can gain access to quality education.

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