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South Africa, Hermanus Waldorf School

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The second class of the Hermanus Waldorf School is a mixed and agile class of eight boys and fourteen girls. Most of them have been at the Hermanus Waldorfscholl since Kindergarten. Some of the childrens in class are strong individuals and the whole class is very creative. Their favourite subject is mathematics. They also enjoy art a lot. During break time the children love to play together in a group. Although the children come from different backgrounds (and even different countries) they join in and work very well together as a class.


Moldova, Liceul Teoretic Waldorf in Chisinau

Class 2 - Become a sponsor now!

The young waldorf teacher of class 2 of Liceul Teoretic Waldorf in Chisinau hopes that her wonderful kids won´t stop believing in Santa Claus and that feeling of fairytale versus reality will be alike. The kids like to do many beautiful things together. This year they´ve created their own books which were decorated by themselves. The kids even cooked their first letters from sweet dough and then ate their cooking with pleasure. Besides dancing and singing they enjoy playing active games, most of all they like roll-playing.

Their teacher, who is full of enthusiasm and ideas, tries to inspire them more self-confindence. She also wants to give them the opportunity to develop their imaginations, creative thinking and to make them feel free in communications. In this class there are two special pupils with a poor health. Everybody who knows them tries everything possible to help them fit in society and to feel good. No one is indifferent to them.

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