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We Gladly Visit Your School

Dear teachers, dear students, dear parents,

Would you like to get to know the worldwide Waldorf movement in more detail? If so, we will gladly visit your school and give your Waldorf school community a vivid impression of Waldorf initiatives from many corners of the world.

In most countries, Waldorf schools do not receive any government support and in many cases they rely on donations. In Germany, around 60% of the budget of Waldorf schools is covered by the state, while abroad many Waldorf schools have to constantly struggle for survival.

The lecture we offer aims to create awareness for the worldwide Waldorf movement and can be a stimulus for a WOW-Day campaign in your school, a school partnership with a Waldorf school or a child sponsorship abroad. The presentation of Waldorf education worldwide can also be a stimulus for students to become socially engaged after their graduation and do a voluntary service in a Waldorf initiative abroad.

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We look forward to working with you to further develop these Waldorf Schools for children from rural Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Egypt ...

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