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Call for donations

Children need nutritious food and when they do not get it at home many schools provide their students with school meals.  But they need our help... continue



Educational Sponsorships

Our educational sponsorships enable children to attend a Waldorf School in countries with difficult economic conditions. You can take part in shaping the future by becoming a godparent!... continue


WOW-Day is a global student campaign that supports foreign Waldorf schools in need of help and at the same time brings the world into individual classrooms. Join us! Ideas - Sign up - Results... continue

Emergency Pedagogy

Our emergency pedagogy program helps psychologically traumatized children and adolescents in areas affected by war or a disaster. We support them in overcoming traumatic experiences and finding back to normal life... continue

100 years – 100 businesses

For the centenary of Waldorf Schools, we aim to acquire 100 new businesses as donors ... more

The 10% campaign

Support the development of Waldorf worldwide by participating in the 10% campaign. This will help children get a better education. ...continue

Community Service

Help the world, return gifted with experience. Each year we provide opportunities to about 1000 German and international volunteers. During a voluntary service you can learn a lot about other people, but also about yourself... continue

Become a Supporter

Why are the Friends of Waldorf Education looking for supporters? One of our core principles is to forward project related donations at 100% and therefore, we rely on supporters donating specifically to fund our administrative work... continue

Interested in volunteering in Germany from now on?... continue

... worldwide. All information for a voluntary year abroad is available here

Waldorf around the World ... continue

Donate time at school and enable children to attend school... continue

Everything at a glance! The new Waldorf World List 2017 has been updated... continue


  • +++ 01.08.2018 +++

    Jungle Theatre Company brings together diverse Cape Town Waldorf Schools

    The Jungle Theatre Company (JTC) was established in 2004 to inspire and empower disadvantaged children and adolescents, to make positive changes in their lives, and build a peaceful and vibrant South Africa. JTC’s professional artistic team from diverse communities draws on South Africa’s cultural heritage [...] more

  • +++ 25.07.2018 +++

    Tea(cher)-Talk: “School as a whole“

    On its website, Waldorf Resources, a project of the International Forum for Steiner/Waldorf Education in cooperation with the Education Department of the Goetheanum, Switzerland, provides material for a specific method of designing school, kindergarten, and extracurricular activities. As part of this work, [...] more

  • +++ 23.07.2018 +++

    WOW-Day supports social facility in Brazil

    One of the institutions we were able to support through WOW-Day 2017 was the Associação Comunitária Micael, ACOMI for short. ACOMI is situated in Jardim Boa Vista, at the outskirts of the city of São Paulo, Brazil. The institution emerged from an initiative of parents, teachers, and friends of the Colégio [...] more

  • +++ 20.07.2018 +++

    Education needs nourishment: The Tashi Waldorf School

    In every newsletter, in the context of our main topic “school meals”, we introduce you to a school that urgently needs support in order to be able to offer its students a good and nutritious meal during the school day. Nimaleky Sherpa, principal of the Tashi Waldorf School, explains: "Since the majority of [...] more

  • +++ 18.07.2018 +++

    Hyderabad/India: Waldorf is booming

    Waldorf Education is very popular in India - applications to the seven schools and more than 25 kindergartens are constantly increasing. No wonder. According to the Indian education magazine "Educationworld", both educators and employers state that children must not only acquire knowledge but also life [...] more

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Call for donations

Children need nutritious food and when they do not get it at home many schools provide their students with school meals.  But they need our help ...

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