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Become active! You can get involved in many ways supporting Waldorf education abroad. For example you may help by donating towards our current call for donations or our International Relief Fund. As an education sponsor you may help a child by supporting its future. As a supporter of our association you enable us to do our job. There are many other ideas for you to help as well as opportunities for school classes.

Call for donations

Children need nutritious food and when they do not get it at home many schools provide their students with school meals.  But they need our help ... continue

International Relief Fund

With your donations to our International Relief Fund, we can help in emergency situations. Our board allocates these funds as it has the best overview... continue

Educational Sponsorships

Through educational vouchers you enable children from financially disadvantaged families to attend school... continue

Become a supporter

The Friends of Waldorf Education are urgently looking for supporters to fund the association's work... continue 

Call for donations

We look forward to working with you to further develop these Waldorf Schools for children from rural Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Egypt ...

Become a sponsor

Help a child to go to school

Become a supporter

Contribute to our work

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