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Apply for Incoming program

Application deadline and beginning your service

People of all nations are invited to apply for voluntary service in Germany sponsored by the Friends of Waldorf Education.

For a voluntary service starting in February 2017 please apply from 1st May 2016 until 31st July 2016.

Applying for a voluntary from August 2016 is exclusively possible for applicants from European Union and countries without visa obligation for Germany.

Most volunteers (approx. 75 people) will begin their service in August/September. Another group of approx. 50 volunteers will begin in February.

Deadline for applications for the August/September start date is normally in mid-March. However, more than half the available positions are typically filled by January. Applicants from countries that do not require a visa (European Union, Japan, Korea, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel) may submit their applications until mid-July to the Friends of Waldorf Education.

Deadline for applications for the February start date is the end of July of the year preceding the planned volunteer service. Applicants from countries that do not require a visa may submit their applications until the beginning of October to the Friends of Waldorf Education.

PLEASE NOTE: If a volunteer withdraws from the program during the 8 weeks prior to beginning or during the first four weeks of voluntary service, he or she is required to pay 150 euros to cover costs already paid on his or her part by the Friends of Waldorf Education.

Application documents

You have decided to do a voluntary service in an anthroposophical institution in Germany? We will wholeheartedly engage in the task of finding you a suitable position. In order to do this, we would like to coordinate your expectations, ideas and dispositions with the requirements of possible places of assignment. Your application will be the basis for a counseling interview. For this purpose, we ask you to view your application as the basis for further dialogue with us.

Please send us your COMPLETD application for the German voluntary service ONLY via e-mail (incoming[at]

A completed application includes the following documents:

1. Application form 1
2. Application form 2
3. Checklist
4. Photo in jpg format (max. 250 KB)Passport photo
5. Reference for a social internship (further details about the internship)
6. German language certificate (minimum level A1, with minimum score “Good”) (further details about the German knowledge)
7. A legible copy of your passport
8. References from your host family (if you have worked as an Au Pair in Germany or another German-speaking country.
9. Confirmation for the attendance of Waldorf education seminars, certificates of job training, job references if you have already worked in Waldorf institutions before and would like to undergo further training (only for applicants to Waldorf schools and kindergartens)
10. A copy of your driver‘s license (if applicable)

We only follow up on completed applications!

Selective criteria

A decision about your admission to the program is made on the basis of:

  • The application documents, which should validate your social motivation. Please communicate your needs and requirements in a straightforward manner.
  • Your commitment to learning German (certificate/s, ongoing German language course, e-mail communication in German)
  • The report of your practical skills, respectively your two-week internship and the references from the institution in which you’ve been (e.g. one of our partner organizations abroad).
  • The e-mail or telephone communication with you: A reliable and fast communication is important to us.
  • Your willingness to meet with a German volunteer our a former participant of the incoming program in your home-country; depending on the possibilities of your location.

The Friends of Waldorf Education will preselect suitable applicants.
The final decision is made by the places of assignment.


  • +++ 14.12.2015 +++

    Transcultural Education through International Encounters

    Incomings from Developing and Emerging Countries

    Every year around 180 people from around the world participate in the Incoming Programme of the Friends of Waldorf Education. The Incoming Programme offers foreign young people the opportunity to complete a voluntary service in Germany. Volunteers of all different ages learn and help in anthroposophical and Waldorf pedagogical host institutions throughout Germany. The Incoming programme is therefore an important contribution to global exchange and offers the framework for transcultural education by means of international encounters in the day to day lives of individuals.

    This has a special meaning for young people from so called developing and emerging countries. The international voluntary service offers them, in the context of diverse exchange, the opportunity for examination of similarities and differences in the social, ecological, economical, and political conditions of both countries. Likewise the service gives host institutions the opportunity for intercultural development and contributes to further awareness raising in Germany too.

    The project “International Incoming Volunteer Service“ provides for such an exchange: as a comprehensive programme based on the foundations of the volunteer service year, it is directed at young women and men from these specific countries and offer volunteers and host institutions extensive supportive measures provided by the National Ministry for Seniors, Women and Youth and the National Office for Familial and Civic Duties.

    Likewise supporting organisations and their worldwide partners are supported in their work towards education for sustainable development. Furthermore through the association “Learning and Helping Oversees” a diversified civic participation is ensured. After the pilot phase from August/September 2015, the Friends plan for further development of this new programme.

    Contact person for the international Incoming voluntary service:

    Raphael Kronwald


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